Business owners warned! Avoid Recession Burnout.

Stressed At WorkHalf of small–business owners worked more than 60 hour weeks in January 2009 to combat the effects of the recession, according to business networking website BT Tradespace.

Research from BT Tradespace also showed that 8% of small–business owners spent more than 100 hours a week working.

Commenting on the research, the Stress Management Society warned that business owners’ productivity will suffer if they continue to work such long hours. Stress Management Society director Neil Shah said:

“Small–business owners should ensure that they maintain enough energy to continue their long working hours by taking time out to relax,”

“Many business owners think throwing more hours and effort at the issue will give them the results they need. But actually if you spend 120 hours on something and take your work home every night, at least 50% of that time is not going to be productive.”

“If people need to take work home with them, there needs to be a point when they stop checking their emails — and they certainly shouldn’t take their Blackberry or their report for tomorrow’s meeting into the bedroom,”

“A business owner who normally goes to bed at 11 o’clock should spend two hours before that either having a hot bath or doing some breathing exercises or listening to music. Then they will have a better quality sleep and wake up in the morning more energised, with a clearer mind and better equipped to deal with any stress that might come along during the course of the day.” he said.

For more information on how to reduce stress in the workplace, and to register for a free guide to stress, visit the Stress Management Society website

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Small business Owners Warned to Avoid Recession Burnout

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