Green Business keeps SMEs in the Black

Green Business keeps SMEs in the black

Our webchat reveals how green policies can save your business thousands. Chat date: 23rd September Chat time: 14.30

Green Business keeps SMEs in the blackIf you run a small or medium sized business, it may not have occurred to you that adopting good environmental practices can lead to reduced operating costs. The fact is though that by doing so, UK enterprises collectively saved £58m last year. If yours wasn’t one of them, chances are that your understanding of environmental law isn’t all it could be. Rather than handling waste inefficiently and incurring fines, taking a greener stance could save your business thousands annually.

A third of small businesses don’t have environmental policies in place, according to the research by, a free online Government service set up to help small businesses gain a better understanding of environmental law which in turn gives them an edge over their competition. When you consider the £2.4 million in fines paid last year by businesses that unwittingly broke environmental laws, it is clear just how helpful NetRegs could be. It seems that staying ahead in business and going to bed with a clear conscience needn’t be mutually exclusive after all.

Richard Martin from NetRegs and Alexander Ehmann from the Institute of Directors join us live online at

on 23rd September at 14.30 to discuss green business.

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