Big Business Bosses on Climate Change Action

Whilst staff in small business are the greenest big business is slowly attempting to catch up. Late last year the CBI’s Climate Change Task Force released a report, Climate Change, Everyone’s Business, highlighting the fact that action on climate change needed to be taken sooner not later.

PollutionNearly a year later and another body of big business is calling for urgent and comprehensive measures. The Prince of Wales’s UK Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (UK CLG) is calling for cross-party efforts to turn the UK into a low-carbon economy, believing such decisive action will “stimulate economic activity and job creation.”

The UK CLG, consisting of the leaders of eighteen major UK companies including B&Q, BAA, Centrica, E.ON, LloydsTSB, Shell, Tesco and Vodafone, has written letters to the political party leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg urging them to meet the threat posed by climate change with urgent new measures.

Whilst the group supports The Climate Change Bill currently in Parliament as a “crucial framework for emissions reduction” it calls for a “comprehensive package of policy measures to change every major sector of the economy” to achieve “year on year reductions in emissions”

These measures would include higher energy efficiency standards, greater support for low-carbon technology & products, “bold new specifications” for public sector procurement and measures to deliver a robust carbon market.

The group argues that if the UK is to be a global leader in green business then Government and business must work together to achieve real change by delivering new projects and business best practice in order to create a low-carbon economy.

Greenpeace have apparently reacted angrily to the proposals by accusing some of those involved of “hypocrisy of a previously unknown magnitude” referring to the inclusion of BAA, who are seeking airport runway expansion at Heathrow & Manchester, and power company E.ON, who are proposing to build the first coal-powered power station in decades at Kingsnorth in Kent.

Following on from their letter this morning the group is seeking to meet with the party leaders this Autumn in order to develop the proposals.

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