Moving Business Premises

Moving Business Premises

Moving business premises can be an exciting time and a key milestone in the life of your business after all, the main reason companies need to move is because they have outgrown their old location. But moving, whether it’s your business or your house, can be one of the most stressful things you do. Finding and securing the right location, informing customers, connecting utilities, Moving Business Premisesnew signage, refitting the office, IT and telecoms equipment, storage, removal… the list is endless. Get any of these wrong, it could seriously spoil your day!

And that is just the obvious things. Many businesses often fail to appreciate the hidden costs of moving – convenience for existing staff and transport links; suitability of the new local workforce; proximity to customers; requirements of the existing lease in terms of the condition in which you have to leave the old premises. Another endless list!

So if you are planning to move premises, join the free, live and interactive web seminar at 2pm on Thursday 11thSeptember. We will be joined by a panel of experts who can offer a wealth of independent advice and support to help you move your business successfully.

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