Free Ergonomics Guide


BT Business has launched a free guide to help small–business owners ensure that staff who work remotely avoid the common back, neck and arm problems that arise from working with a poor posture.


The ‘Get fit for mobile working’ guide was published after BT Business research revealed that only 46% of mobile workers receive guidance about working safely outside the office, and 25% were unaware that their employer is responsible for their safety wherever they are working.

The guide includes simple dos and don’ts for mobile working with visual display units (VDUs) in different locations, such as on a train, in a coffee shop and at the airport, as well as guidance for those using mobile phones. BT Business managing director Bill Murphy said;

“By observing a few general principles, workers can ensure they see all the benefits of mobile working without any downside. Businesses need to be aware of their legal responsibility for the health and safety of employees.”

“There has been a lack of advice for employees about best–practice mobile working, despite the explosion in mobile and remote working in the UK,” he added. “This is why we have teamed up with leading ergonomist Margaret Hanson to produce the advice.”

Tips from the guide to avoid back, neck and arm problems include:

  • Use the backrest of your chair. Don’t slouch forwards, and keep shoulders in line with your hips.
  • Alternate between thumbs and fingers when typing on smart phones.
  • Don’t rest wrists or forearms on the edge of desks or tables.
  • Exercise your hands, wrists and neck regularly.
  • Take regular breaks away from the keyboard and screen.

For more information about employer responsibilities and staff VDU usage, visit the Health & Safety Executive website

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