Feedback Wanted to Help SMEs Win More Public Sector Contracts

The Government has called on small firms to provide feedback on the public sector tender process by taking part in an online consultation on the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) website.

According to the OGC, the consultation, which is part of the Government’s Glover Review announced in this year’s Budget, is aimed at helping small businesses win more public sector contracts.

“I want to be sure that SMEs enjoy the same access to public sector contracts as their bigger counterparts, and I want to learn from their experiences across small and large contracts in shaping future policies,” said Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury Angela Eagle.

The Glover Review will consider issues such as improving the tendering process, and reducing the barriers that SMEs may face when pitching for public sector contracts.

“Many smaller businesses are more innovative and offer better value for money, but are often disadvantaged when competing against large companies with more resources to dedicate to tender applications,” said Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Competitiveness Shriti Vadera. “The Glover Review will help identify where we can improve accessibility for SMEs and increase their participation in government procurement.”

In March’s Budget, Chancellor Alistair Darling set a target of 30 per cent of all public sector contracts to be awarded to SMEs within the next five years.

The consultation closes on 8 August.

For more information about public sector tender opportunities, visit

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