Professional Status for Staff Trainers

The UK’s 27,000+ staff trainers will now be able to boost their credentials and achieve professional teaching status.

In a campaign launched earlier this month, those training the country’s staff in their workplace now have the opportunity to be trained themselves to a standard that allows them to attain professional status in teaching.

The campaign by Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) also includes a dedicated professional body for workplace trainers, the Institute for Learning (IfL).

Until now those who train staff in the workplace have either been unaware of the chance to achieve pro status or how to attain such status. This is all despite the fact that many training organisations are contractually obliged to provide the scheme in order to qualify for funding from the Learning & Skills Council.

David Hunter, Chief Exec of LLUK said of the scheme:

“We want to make sure that trainers are aware of the changes so that they and the organisations they work for can benefit.  We’re aware that not everyone is taking advantage of the changes."

Adding that the campaign us designed

"…to ensure that organisations and individual trainers are aware of how they are affected, and what they need to do.  We also want them to know that there is help available through LLUK’ s Information and Advice Service."

The campaign comes as the government looks to invest further in the UK’s skills and innovation. By bolstering the skillsets of those responsible for training the UK’s workers, helping an estimated 5 million workers with their skills, education and career prospects.

By 2010 the Government expects every teacher, trainer, instructor and tutor to be qualified or working for a recognised qualification.

Commenting further, David Hunter added:

“For the United Kingdom to have a world-class workforce it must have the world’s best trainers, so it’s vital that trainers across the UK seize this opportunity to bolster their teaching credentials.”

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