The Business Benefits of Investing in People

Discover how Train to Gain can boost your bottom line.

With Budget 2008 behind us, many small businesses are looking at how they can make more profit in the upcoming financial year.

One of the first things business leaders can establish is how much to invest into their workforce and what their return on investment will be. According to the Learning & Skills Council 2 in 3 businesses have a budget for training staff and with the expansion of Train to Gain in November last year, their investment in staff training can boost profits.

Just how can staff training increase a business’s profitability? How many companies actually take advantage of the government-backed scheme? The LSC offer free impartial & independent advice to businesses, matching their training needs with appropriate providers and ensure that training is delivered to meet the needs of the business.

To find out more there is a webchat today (March 26th) at 3pm where Jaine Clarke, Director of Skills for Employers at the Learning & Skills Council, Robin Clarkson, Prevista Assistant Director of The Skills Brokerage Association and Jennifer Allen, Marketing Manager from the London-based Hardy Group, discuss how training can help your company, both in terms of the financial benefit and positives in other areas of your organisation.

Find out more about Train to Gain by calling 0800 015 55 45.

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