A Third of Brits Want to be Boss

35% percent of UK workers aspire to being their own boss.

Research from Business Link indicates that more than a third of British workers interviewed have considered starting up their own small business and 20% of them plan to make their plans reallity with the next year.

Key among reasons for setting up on their own was the work-life balance with many workers believing they can better manage their family, domestic and business roles if they are working from home.

Other factors for wanting to run their own business range from wanting to make more money (37%) to a simple lack of job satisfaction (15%)

As many as 25% of the budding entrepreneurs said they wished to turn their home hobbies into valid commercial enterprises.

Other figures show that nearly as many women as men are keen to take on the entrepreneurial mantle.

Popular areas for potential start-ups include art, culture, health and retail sectors.

However, concerns over the current economic climate became apparent when, of those who stated they would not be starting up in the next year, 41% cited current conditions as a barrier to venturing on their own.

So whilst 35% of workers considered starting up, around a third said they might not get ’round to making the leap. How to get started and debt were also concerns stopping potential entrepreneurs.

Rosemary French of Business Link said:

"Many people who wish to start their own company can be put off due to fear of failure or uncertainty about how to start,”


“However, there is a wealth of free information, advice and support available locally and online, to help budding entrepreneurs every step of the way.”

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