Climate Change – Everyone’s Business

Climate Change - Everyone's BusinessTackling Climate Change is now an urgent and shared national priority for businesses, consumers and government together according to a report released on Monday.

Senior representatives from every major British business sector came together to assess and identify the threats posed by climate change and to develop an action plan to tackle the challenges.

The CBI’s Climate Change Task Force report is the result of 10 months work by Chief Executives and Chairmen of some of Britain’s biggest companies. Heading the team was BT Chief Exec, Ben Verwaayen.

The analysis of whether the UK can hit its carbon targets by 2020 are deemed unlikely but to reach the goals set for 2050 is certainly achievable but only if urgent action is taken to act sooner rather than later.

By acting quickly the UK’s plan for carbon reduction can be “back on track” by 2030.

The problem with failing to respond to the challenges of climate change will be not only environmental but economic too and swifter action will result in less cost to business.

On the other hand, the report identifies that commercialisation of current “green” technologies will not only benefit the environment but also benefit British business too.

Part of the pledge of Task Force member companies is to:

  • Develop new products & services to drive households to halve emissions by 2020.
  • Work with 2 million employees to cut emissions both at work and at home.

Moving away from carbon-based fuels and developing more efficient heating & cooling technologies are key to moving forward on climate change.

As Ben Verwaayen himself states, in the foreword to the report:

“This report has not been written by evangelists but by business people.”

You can read the full report Climate Change, Everyone’s Business (1.4Mb PDF).

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